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Monday, November 23, 2009

Primary 1 shopping list

Mummy brought me to my Primary school 南侨 (Nan Qiao) today.
We even brought along our trolley to pack in all our "groceries" :0

We bought T-shirts, PE-attires, shoes, socks, books and writing materials.
There are queues everywhere, and anxious parents asking a lot of questions.

Total Bill = $315

Why is the canteen closed? We are hungry !!

Mummy : Wei is one satisfied customer, he gets to be pampered today.
Does Wei know Primary school is a new environment change yet?

Wei's orientation is next week, but he sure looks eager to start tomorrow :)
Our balloting history..

Wei with his new bag..

Have you wondered why every parent blogger is now blogging about
K2 Graduation and ceremonies,
P1 Orientation and preparation?

is serious business in Singapore :p


  1. wow.. there is canteen catering for the initial days? I'm looking forward what will my boy buy in school. :p

  2. hello sis, canteen close :p
    Anyway, we tasking Wei to order food for us now, and pick up the tab and changes.


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