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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What will Daddy be doing if he is not blogging?

Daddy's hobbies have been on hold, since he started Blogging more actively.
He say he is trying to spend as much time with us (kiddos) as possible, before we grow older and have our own circle of friends.

Daddy say he will revert to his hobbies, when we find him old and naggy.

These are luxuries for Daddy :

- reading $.090 cent paper with a cup of Kopi

- catch up on latest dramas (Mentalist, CSI , Heroes etc etc)

- movie DVDs from 2008 are still sealed, and in Daddy's IN-tray.
He can only see movies in 30min installments now :(

- internet surfing , forums

- maybe find some time to play Facebook apps, Daddy has been getting many requests to help kitten/chicken find home, fight Gang war, or help bake a cake !! No time lah.

- maybe more jogging :p

- definitely need more body-conditioning (Army lingo for beauty sleep)

Daddy : No regrets sacrificing these luxuries,
if Daddy can cuddle his babies, just for a few more minutes everyday :p
Blogging had allowed this Daddy to make more effort to engage the kids.

Ok, enough day dreaming, back to Blogging.
Stay tune for more gossips from Lee kiddos.


  1. occasionally still need to have some personal time oh ^_^. Nowadays I watch dramas online (can start/stop anytime). Play Facebook when kids sleeping. Have fun at Turfclub!

  2. and u still have time to blog?
    Maybe i also become SAHD haha.
    Between when they become teens, I will stop blogging liao :p

  3. ya..its my past time. :p do my housework, play fb, sometimes watch online show. :p Outcome - sleep very late.. not sure how much longer i can blog but at least have been consistent for 2 years.. :p hahahah


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