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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Talking to Mei Mei and Yi Yi

Our two smallest babies.
Yi, like Wei is a year-end child, both born in December.
So, we do expect him to lag behind those born in Jan/Feb.

When older children are learning their A,B and Cs, Yi is still leaning to walk :p
We can really see the gap in difference.
We are worried that year-end children will have more difficulties to catch up.

In 2010, Yi will upgrade to N1? Aiyoh, you must be joking right?
Video : Yi still looks like a toddler.

Xin, is still learning to crawl, meanwhile, she just has to act cute.
Her siblings are showering her with love.

is especially close to Xin, as they are only 17 months apart.
Eg protect her in school, and sit with her to keep her company when Mummy/Daddy are busy. Maybe, it is Daddy and Mummy who refuse to believe our Yi has also grown up fast.
Video : Xin enjoys heights

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