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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wei 's skin peeled off ... no thanks to Yi

While we are watching TV in our hall, the boys are playing inside our bedroom. When the kiddos got too excited over Ch5's Narnia, Mummy went in to calm them down.

After a while, we heard someone crying softly :
"Go and tell Mummy, my skin come out already !!"

Victim is Ah Wei.
After interrogation, culprit is Ah Yi, but mastermind is Ah Kang !!
Kang was showing Yi how to play with sliding door etc.

Yi has opened our mirror-door when Wei was trying to get something for Mummy.
, the door's sharp edge dig into Wei's ankle.

We quickly apply ice to sooth the swollen area.
Then wash the area, before applying antiseptic.

The abrasion is about 3cm, but luckily, the cut is superficial.

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