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Sunday, November 8, 2009

妹雯锌 can sit on her own now... or not?

Warning!! Watch Mei Mei's video at your own risk.
** The cast of "sengkangbabies" guarantee that no one was hurt during filming.

Video : Can 妹妹sit by herself now?

ooops.. We spoke too early. Ah Xin lost her balance and crash.
Luckily, no major cut. Mei Mei got slight trauma, but is otherwise, still adorable.
Daddy lectured Mummy for being too careless, causing his little Darling to fall down !@#!@~

Video : See, they are watching Drama together already.

Boys and Girl are TV addicts. They like to follow Mummy on her TVB serials.

Who fell down earlier? Snooze Zzz..

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