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Friday, June 17, 2011

Taiwan Day 6 - 小人国

How of often can you snap a photo of USA's four presidents? We did that with a replica Mount Rushmore at 小人國,Windows on China(Woc). WOC is a miniature theme park in TaoYuan (桃园), Taiwan.

As the name implies, we get to tour mini Europe, USA, and Asia (sorry no South East Asia). We spent a good 6 hours here and 900 photos ! You can view all Taiwan photos at SengkangBabies fanpage.

Shall we start with Taiwan first?

We saw HSR (High Speed Rail), and even the logging-trains from Alishan (阿里山).

We visited the docks, saw the moving cranes and helicopters.

Next Airport and highway. Kids were running around exclaiming everything can move!

Quick, before we miss our flight.

Daddy saw this building on Day 2 (國立中正紀念堂), now Wei can touch it too.

Can you see the Zoo animals moving?

Next, China got so many famous landmarks!! and ancestral villages.

Hakka village

Forbidden City (紫禁城) looks imposing from a small sale, imagine the Real thing !

Buddha statues (not sure from Thailand or the one demolished in Afghanistan)

Great Wall

Look, even our kids are having fun snapping away !

We need to commute on a train to reach another continent :p

Majestic Taj Mahal !

We skip water theme park, as we were not prepared to get wet :)

Then we walk to Japan

Mummy carrying a small Ninja on her back.

After Japan, we walk to continent Europe. Big rocks from Stonehenge !

Old old Cathedrals

Olympics started from here, at Athens Greece.

Daddy could not resist peeping :p

Daddy and Mummy showing the kids how to be candid :0

Wei liked the colourful domes at Russia Red Square.

We took a second look at the buildings, via a river boat.

Starving after touring so many countries, let us tuck into our lunch !

After lunch, we visited USA's Nasa, nope, we cannot sit on the Shuttle Columbus !

Mr Obama, are you home?

We spotted Peru's Inca and stately President Lincoln.

Statue of Liberty (kids remember her from the movie "Day after tomorrow")

..more Fun time posing with cool museum

After touring the World, our kids enjoy their own amusement themepark :)

Doraemon is found in amusement park

If you want your kids to learn about geography and countries, we will recommend WOC for a half-day trip. To Daddy, this was a hugh playground for his photography passion !

Adult fare is TW650, about $30SGd. Click for Pricing info.

Disclaimer : we did not seek permission to cross a few barriers, in order to get real close to the miniature buildings, do it at your own risk haha :p

Click on the links below for our 9D8N Taipei adventure, we guarantee you will be visiting Taiwan soon !

Taipei Itinerary -
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Day 2 - National Museum (故宮), Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (紀念堂), Taipei 101, 士林夜市 (Shi Lin Night Market)

Day 3 - Nanya Rock (南雅), 九份, YeLiu Geopark (野柳), Yang Ming Shan hotspring (陽明山)

Day 4 - 北投 Hell Valley, 淡水老街
Day 5 - Tao Yuan (桃园) LeoFoo 六福村 (Safari resort and Amusement park)
Day 6 - 小人國
Day 7 - Baby Boss (職業體驗城), ( 西門町 Xi Men Ding)
Day 8 - Taipei Zoo, Maokong (貓空)
Day 9 - Home if you cannot wait, please visit SengkangBabies Day 6 Fanpage or Daddy's Taiwan Facebook Albums (more pics and descriptions)

More information and tips are available at Taiwan tourism web -->



  1. hmm! I must visit Xiao Ren Guo too! I think I'll have so much fun shooting there~ :D


  3. Amanda and RuiTing : find kaki go together, then everybody act silly, just for laughs :)

  4. Hi, do ur kids find it bored because only taking photos only? I have young kids ,3, 4 and 6yo. So not sure should I go to this place ??

  5. hi, 3 and 4 years old might not appreciate WOC.
    Our smaller kids were very excited at the moving vehicle, planes and ships ! For the older kids, we taught them geography lesson on "world icons" . Woc-type of themepark is available in many countries, it might not be necessary for you to visit :)

  6. Hi I am bringing one year old bb to taipei. Do u tink he will enjoy 小人国
    ? Btw, is the baby nursing / changing room readily available in 小人国 and other tourist attractions? Thanks

  7. hi, I am afraid your child will be indifferent to 小人国. And the themepark rides are too big for him. If he likes Doraemon, there is a science park somewhere near 小人国.
    Shopping centres (in Taipei), normally have a nursery room, but I suspect Thempark might not be lacking nursery room.

  8. hello, your post is amazing! i was trying to plan for a family holiday this december and came across your blog.. my kids will be 3.5 and 1.5 in december and after looking at your blog, i want to take them to the mini world, the zoo and leofoo mainly.. (as we only have about 5-6 days to spend and the travel pace is slower when with toddlers)..
    which area you think should we pick for the hotel to minimise travel time.. if time permits we also want to see taipei city/kaoshiung.. Thanks!

  9. hi P,

    thanks for dropping by :)
    Taipei to KaoSiong(KS) would take 2hours.
    I am not sure whether you have enough time to absorb the sceneries at KS.

    I might suggest you take a a slow and relax pace in and around Taipei instead. Try JiuFen and ShiFen for food, waterfall and kong-ming lantern.

    For hotels, I would suggest you try tripadvisor etc. Our hotel was 15min away walk from MRT.


  10. hi..your post is so interesting and thank you for sharing...

    may i know how did u mainly commute from one place to another ?

    basically i would like to know some difficult places to reach ( mode of transport and price ) and if you could share some info will be appreciated..

    1 : airport to taipei city ?

    2: Taipei main station to xiao ren guo ( WOC ) ?

    3: Leofoo themepark ?

    4 : Yeliu Geopark ?

    Thank you very much

    Hear from you soon

    1. thanks for dropping by Vivian, I have replied to you on Facebook message. Wishing you a Happy trip.

  11. Hi!

    I love your insightful posts and I have readjusted my itinerary to fit in more venues that you went.

    Just wondering how do you go to Xiao Ren Guo? Is it in Taoyuan? And approximately how long did your family spend there?

    Thank you so much!

  12. hi Jul,

    We spend almost 5 hours at WOC. If your kids love "exaggerated or funny" photography, time flies, as we have so many ICons to visit.

    As we were staying at Leofoo, it is a 15min Taxi ride.
    For travel options, do pop by WOW website -->


  13. I was cracking my brain on where to bring the kids in Taiwan. During my last trip there as a couple, we don't find it child friendly. But your pictures looked so fun!!! I cant wait to bring my kids there. Especially miniature land and lefoo hotel

  14. Thank you for popping by, Vivien :)

  15. Wow! Looks so fun! Wanna go! Is it easy to travel there by HSR?

    1. Possible, Kelly. Nearest station is Taoyuan, then you need to transfer to bus. Please double-confirm with themepark again :)


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