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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wei is hardworking, and Graduation concerts

After Daddy's last post, Mummy thought Daddy was too harsh, and did not highlight Wei's strong points. So this blog will highlight two of Wei's virtues... clap clap.

Wei's costume for his Drama class.

Video : See, Wei can study on his own. Doing Mental calculation :p

Wei can be very focus when it comes to homework.
Maybe he knows he can play his cars and toys later ?

Before a child goes to Pri 1, we feel it is important to nurture our children to be independent and study on their own. Wei has got accustomed to his routine, working on his "homework" for 20 to 30 mins daily.

** maybe some parents will start screaming kiasu, kiasi %#^%# :p

We are always impressed with Wei's memory.
He remembers everything and he likes school's Drama classes.

Come Dec, Wei would need to prepare and remember his K2 Graduation performance,
and Wei also need to perform for his extra-curriculum class at 人小梦大 :)

Just look at the programme poster, ignore the small boy in picture below.

How can Wei remember the scripts and storylines for two different plays?
At home he will keep on reciting his verses, and re-play again.

Mummy and Daddy find it amusing and bewildering. Wei always impress us in his un-assuming way.


  1. Thanks Andy for the tips for Sakae Sushi contest. I have just submitted. :D

    Wei is a good boy la.. My boy also difficult to manage at times. You all are doing Great! :D

  2. if win sakae, share voucher ok hee hee :p


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