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Friday, November 20, 2009

Teacher Xiao Han is leaving us

Teachers are always parent's first interface to understand how their child are coping in school, and to discover school activities, or gossips !!
We are very lucky that our teachers are all very patient and genuine in wishing to bring wholesome curriculum to the kids.

Teachers have to endure children's tantrums, and sometimes interrogation from unreasonable parents !! Why never drink milk? Why bullied and bruised?
Why this, why that, why WHY ...
It is a tough job, where passion and patience is necessary.

It was only one year ago, when the boys were transferred from Havelock branch. Surprisingly, it did not took them long to settle down.

New environment, friends and teachers... our teachers really help us to settle down fast.
Picture : all the boys love teacher.

Today is also Xiao Han 老师's last day with us.
She is Kang (N2) form teacher, and she will be going for further studies.

Teacher, add petrol 98 (加油) OK !!
All the best.

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