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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arts for Kang

Kang attends Arts class every Sunday.
He has alway express an interest to scribble and draw.
When Kang was younger, he will always ask for colour pencil, whenever Wei has colouring project.

We thought colouring could nurture Kang's patience, and improve his focus.
Kang is very active, but he has a short attention span.
However, his memory is very good, and he remembers everything we say
or should not have said!!).

In arts class, Kang will normally do dotting first, followed by colour coordination, under teacher's guidance.

Daddy: This boy is very smart, but can be crafty at times.
His sweet-talking can convince the bird to fly into his palm !!
Do not be distracted by his innnocent demure :p

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