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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Xin's Bumbo seat

Over the last few days, Xin will vomit easily if we place her face down.
Either that, or she will reverse (back pedal) herself under the table or chair..
How do we keep her stationery, umph..for maybe 15 minutes, until we finish our meals :p
Mummy bought her a second hand Bumbo seat.

Daddy is sceptical, as Xin seems pretty acrobatic, and might tumble off from her new seat!
We shall witness first hand, whether our Ah Xin, will sit down obediently hehe.

After Xin dozes off, it is the boys' turn!!
This seat is a new toy to them, and Daddy hope the rugged boys will allow the seat to last at least three months for Xin :(

Daddy : When this seat first debut a few years back, it cost almost $100 !!
And mind you, parents were still clearing the seats off the shelves !!
Either this seat is a miracle helper, or Singaporeans are rich :)

**edited 13Nov2009- pls read Mummy Cheng's comment, her son has defied gravity and climb out of Bumbo !!


  1. Haha, I was expecting to see a video or photo of Xin getting out the Bumbo seat. Anyway, do beware, baby can get out. That's why I always put it on a padded surface. My baby could do it easily. http://karmeleon.blogspot.com/2009/03/jumping-out.html

  2. thks for the warning. We have placed a small cushion under the seat, for now :)

    **would be too cruel to film our cutie tumble haha.


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