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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recent movies release - Astro & 2012

Daddy is curious why Astro Boy would appeal to today's kiddos?

After all, this cartoon is a classic from Daddy's Daddy generation?
But Wei's K2 class seems to have caught onto this Astro fervor.

According to Wiki ,
1952 --> Japanese Manga debut
1963 --> First broadcast on Japan TV

The Japanese name for AstroBoy is "鉄腕アトム", which translates as "Iron arm atom"

Mummy ask Daddy to bring the boys to see 2012 instead.
What? To see special effect, and doomsday message?

Daddy thought boys would be bored with the explosions after a while, at least Transformer got their favourite BumbleBee and Optimus Prime.

It is not recommended to wiki "Maya, or doomsday etc" as the outcome is quite persimisstic, at least we can rely on China to build Noah's ark haha :)

Read Nasa's reply to 2012.

**above images taken from GV website


  1. ASTRO BOY IS AWESOME!!!! Great movie! Happier, more kickass than 2012 for sure. For everybody! Astro Boy rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thks, will update the kids, but they do not need to know what is kick-ass haha


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