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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspiring Dads Video - from Dads For Life Project

Video is taken from user "raymiesa".
YouTube link --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FS3S4vtlg4

"A heartwarming video about fathers, for fathers. First produced for the Dads for Life movement by the National Family Council and Fathers Action Network to encourage fathers in Singapore to be more involved in their children's lives."

- ThinkFamily
- NationalFamilyCouncil (nfc)

Daddy : I like the section where Mr Quek mention his son is a video-recorder playback of himself.. How true !!
Evertime Daddy nag at Wei, 奶奶 will say Daddy last time sama sama :p

Like Father Like Son.


  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the tip! We are looking into shoes around $30.(cant afford too exp too :p) Barry bought a pair of asic and so far lasted for a year. Hoping to get good sales during Christmas seasons. :) How is your P1 Orientation prepartion so far? Got your booklist and made your purchases?

  2. hi phoebe, our orientation 30th. Got checklist already. Can send your email to lee.peng1@gmail.com? I intro u to KS forum.


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