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Monday, November 16, 2009

Wei's mind of his own - sometimes rebellious

Recently, Wei is exhibiting two traits, lying, and ignoring us ..

We forbid Wei to bring toy cars to school, as this might distract him during class.
So he smuggles. He knows the consequence if we spot his car, but he is still willing to take the risk !

Mummy and Daddy just need Wei to seek our permission to bring a car to school, but he would still choose the sneaky path (we are still trying to figure out why haha).

When Daddy caught the cars in his bag, Wei indicated they belong to his friends (which of course, is not true). Instead of reprimanding Wei, we are very curious why a child would choose to lie?(for the record, Daddy had also lied before when young, but forgot whether he confessed to 奶奶!! )

We are hoping to nip Wei's lying traits before he turns professional :p
Wei needs to know that a lier will stack one lie on top of another, to cover himself.
It is always more difficult to live a lie, as you are constantly worried about being exposed.

Daddy : Do you want to be an honest boy?
Wei : (Kept quiet)
Daddy : Wei, you must be responsible for your own actions, ok.
It is okay to make mistakes, but please do not lie.
Wei : (Nod head )

(Daddy shake head, Hello, does Wei understand Daddy's preaching or not?)

Secondly, Wei choose to ignore us (selectively), when we we speak to him.
He hears and remember everything , but choose to comply only on certain instructions.
We have to relay instructions multiple times from both parents.
Is he trying to get on our nerves or what?

Wei is likely to repeat same mistake (not immediately), but after a few weeks or months.
Maybe through peer influence, or Kang's instigation, sometimes Wei will repeat same mistake, then get an earful from Daddy again.
Wei is very smart, but can be careless.

Somehow, we suspect Wei is trying to secure Mummy and Daddy's attention. Poor boy must be jealous that we sometimes focus more on his younger siblings.

Yes, Wei is six years old, and Daddy always treat him like a small adult, but True is, he is still very young, and yearn for our attention !!

** parenting will only get more challenging, with Kang and Yi catching up.
As they say, 一山还有一山高.
Wei's younger siblings are one notch more cunning!!
Kang can literally lie without twitching his eye-brow.

Daddy and Mummy will need more Patience, and Panadol (for headache).
We need to dispense more Love towards the kiddos :)

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