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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cute siblings photo for TodaysMotherhood contest

We summited Xin and Yi's photos to http://www.todaysmotherhood.com/

This online parenting magazine has a monthly baby-photo contest.
Winner will get 5x image-shoots with studio Kellysiy (Daddy is not sure what it means by 5x??) And top 12 pictures will appear in monthly publications :)

It must be tough for the editors to select the cutest baby every month.
Can u imagine every month got 306 cute photos to choose from?
Daddy might get baby-overdose after a few months !!
Pity the editors haha.
In case you are interested, rules and regulations
--> http://www.todaysmotherhood.com/contests/baby-photo-contest/

www.todaysmotherhood.com is an online parenting portal. You can expect to find reviews on services, products, and parents share their experiences and recommendations.


  1. Just went to their website and there are so many cute babies there.

    Also found out that this month's contest is different : Parent and Child Lookalike Contest. Going to take part soon :)

    Thanks for your recommendations

  2. hi, good luck to you. If you like contest, maybe can try my blog-roll, Contest Empire. cheers :)


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