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Friday, February 25, 2011

Project Old Playground #5 - Toa Payoh Dragon

From some other playground-passionate bloggers, we decided to attack Toa Payoh one Sunday. Those in the neighbourhood will know what Wen Yi is navigating.

We are going to disturb the neighbourhood again :p
Wen Xin (girl) join us, as she did not want to be left behind.

We found these creatures basking in the hot sun.
#Playground 5a - Lor 7 Block 1 - Animal stools

The kids found shelter under the stools. Super Cute !

Video : round and round

She is not heavy, she is my sister

Humble playground kept the kids entertained for 45min.

Everybody hop on !

#Playground 5b - Lor 6 Block 28 - Dragon with sandpit

This dragon is a short 5 min drive away.

The only difference between Toa Payoh (TP) and Ang Mo Kio dragon, is TP comes with sand.

Sand or no sand, we still had Fun, except princess (so dainty)

Video : Dragon roars !

Daddy love the colourful steps

Dragon conquered !

Across the bridge, lies another iconic dinosaur

#Playground 5c - Lor 6 Block 27 - T Rex and Velociraptors + eggs

Video : Dinosaur hunting !

T Rex is fiercely guarding it's egg from the raptor.

.. then some mischievious kids from Sengkang disturb the dino's playground.

You want Sunny side up or Omelette?

Egg fun !

We got the ingredients for Mummy's prehistoric soup !

We hide, we tunnel, and we jump.

Daddy declare Toa Payoh playground project a big success !

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#5 - Dragon Toa Payoh and Dinosaurs

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  1. nostalgic! I remember playing on the Dragon with my cousins!!

  2. yup XiaoXin, now only old towns can find old playgrounds :)

  3. I really like the dragon thingy :P

  4. there's one more small dragon playground in toa payoh

  5. hi, I think you are refering to the smaller Dragon. We already visited two bigger Dragons in Amk and T.Payoh :)


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