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Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Playground #2 - Pasir Ris Park Elephant

After our dragon playground, Daddy brought the boys+girl to visit Pasir Ris' Elephant.

So we drove to Pasir Ris Car Park "E".

Video : Kids run and make fun the last mile.

We confirm this is the same elephant in the paper :)

#Playground 2 - Elephant - Pasir Ris Park (inside Hometeam NS chalet)

We head for the slides again. This pair is steeper, and bum hurts.

Wen Yi's expression is Priceless! Jubilant.

You can play Rabbit burrowing..

..or the swings.

Video : Daddy showing Wen Xin how to play the swing haha (camwhoring)

Please do not remove your footwear. Sand is coarse, and kids keep sweeping away the sand.

hEllo! Why are you peeping at us?

On this afternoon, quiet neighbourhood was woken up by screams, laughters, and smiles !!

Does this photo look like the 70s?

Boys: Daddy, where are we going next !

Sidetrack. Pasir Ris Park is also a beauty. We will definitely be back.
**updated 2011 may 17 - We went to Pasir Ris Playground

Daddy's first mission bringing all four kids out alone! What was he thinking.
Daddies and Mummies, can you spot any old interesting Playgrounds near your place?
Please share it with us :p

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# School of Hard Knock Playground exhibitions at Esplanade Tunnel

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More photos of Old playgrounds!
# Our fanpage --> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.271947186155766.85268.194377613912724
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