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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Old Playground #6 - Dover Pelican

Have you heard of the old Pelican playground at Dover?
# Playground 6 - Dover Road Block 35 - Pelican + Rabbit + Tortoise

Sadly, you get a sense of loneliness when you come to this area. Daddy suspect most residents have already relocated. Scrubs and roots were over running our playground.

No harm, our babies always make do with what is available.
We were soon playing who can climb highest, and follow-the leader (look at video)

Kang complaining Daddy got smelly leg?
Yi threatened to run away with phone, as he was unhappy that he could not climb (too short) haha !

Getting comfortable

Still wondering why we are the only children still interested in playing at the Pelican?

Smiles aplenty, as long got playground, kids are happy.

... one picture for memory sake..

This attractive tiles and ceramics are no longer found in new playgrounds.

Video : you jump I jump, see us run

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# Our Flickr album --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/41885413@N04/sets/72157626194436982/



  1. I could not help but noticing that the playgrounds that you featured in your posts have unique designs... Most of Malaysian's playground look the same...

  2. now Papa, nowadays the playgrounds are all plastic, and look similar. Our old playgrounds more character!

  3. Hello Andy, great blog here. I have bad news for you. The Pelican playground will be demolished by the contractors in weeks' time. Perhaps in June or in July. We went for a shoot and found out from the contractors.

    Thanks for the pictures here!


    1. No worries, demolition always happen in Singapore. It is more important to safekeep our memories in photos, blogs, or better still, pass over to our kids' memories :)

      Thanks for the update.


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