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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project Playground - Singapore's oldest playgrounds !

Daddy found this interesting article on Friday's (07-Jan-2011) Straits Times Life section. He saw seven 30+ years old Playgrounds!

We got inspired, and #Project Playground (PP) is born.
Sengkangbabies will be roaming these prehistoric playgrounds, before they are gone for good! Sadly, in Singapore, everything ie built, torn, rebuilt in accelerated speed :(

This article is not only dedicated to the kids, but also to everybody
young-at-hearts :) Yes, you!! The boys and girls born in the 70s and 80s. Feeling Nostalgia already?

#Playground 1 - Dragon - Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 570

Kids start climbing the stairs and the Dragon's guts.

Video : Exploration, slow and fast boys

Boys, do you realise this playground is nearly as old as your papa?

On hindsight, Daddy should arrange smallest one behind..

Sliding with Sengkangbabies are never boring ! Yi got angry keke.

Video : Even Daddy could not resist the slides !

How many kid have fond childhood memories of Dragon?

When will people start taking care of their own playgrounds and backyards?

The other newer playground.

Legend !

This is how it all started :)

Photo from Alvin Luke Tan -->

As part of 2011 M1 Singapore Fringe Festival (arts), School of Hard Knocks is showcasing their "playgrounds-collection" captured over the last few years.

Quoted from their Facebook Wall
~~The playground was our school, imagination was our friend, lifes lessons were learnt through the bumps ans bruises we gathered from knocking against those colourful, rock hard mosaic tiles ~~

If you need more pictures, visit them at :
Facebook -->
Their blog and webshop -->
They are even selling cute little-playground pins.

..and Drom's designers were most helpful to provide a reference
and map link (+GPS) for the playground locations !

--> the original playground blogger Justin -->
Click for his
GPS playground map.

Project Playground #, the oldest playgrounds :
#1 - Dragon Amk - (how our Project was born)

#2 - Elephant Pasir Ris -

# School of Hard Knock Playground exhibitions at Esplanade Tunnel
#3 & 4 Seal Dakota Crescent, and Adventure playground Jalan Tua

# Some other playground blogs we found along the way

#5 - Dragon Toa Payoh and Dinosaurs

#6 - Pelican at Dover

#7 - Merry-Go-Round at Tiong Bahru Park

#8 - Watermelon and Mangosteen at Tampines

More photos of Old playgrounds!
# Our fanpage -->
# Our Flickr album -->



  1. Gosh! The feelings of nostalgia!!!
    I remember playing on the Dragon with my cousins and I frequent the Pelican type just a few blacks away from my place!!! Do they still have Merry-go-rounds?

  2. are they tearing that apart? in your pics the dragon still looks pretty decent...

  3. @Xin : Merry go round quite difficult to find, I only remember one in MayFlower Gardeny (my old playground). I should revisit hehe.

    @ Papa : I think they refurbish the Dragon. But god-knows how many had already been demolished .... sad.

  4. i do, i stayed at blk 570 then ;).

    it had been refurnished before. last time it's all sand covering the playground, not this "new material". there's 2 swings underneath the dragon as well (which i dun see from your pic).

    i really cannot remember the slide.

    Wanna know something more? There was an empty plot of land besides the playground and Blk 570. They used to host Free TV show there.

  5. hello LiSmurf, the original sand-version at ToaPayoh, and I believe the TV-slot has been taken up by a gym-area :)

  6. I stay at blk 571 and my daughter loves playing at the dragon playground. I used to play at the one in Bendemeer when I was a kid.

  7. Hi Anonymous 11Dec, hope your girl will enjoy the other old-school playgrounds too :)


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