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Friday, January 21, 2011

Edutainment Games for Iphone, Ipad and Android - Baby Cortex

Daddy does not have an iPhone nor iPad. He is really outdated, with regards to online education games. Even "Edutainment" (education+entertainment) is a new vocab for Daddy keke.

So when Baby Cortex approach our blog to review their educational games, Daddy was literally blown away. There are so much variety and creativity ! and some are Free too.

Shall we look at what Baby Cortex has to offer ?

Baby Series offer anything from Music, FlashCards, Memory, Photos and even colouring. These innovative applications are developed to stimulate your kids' imagination and curiosity (suitable for 1 to 6 years old ).

We chose to review Alphabet_Car in our blog. Kids drive a bus , using iphone as a steering wheel and grab the alphabets to form a word.
(quoted from BabyCortex, kids focus on "hand-eye coordination, and memorization")

According to Baby Cortex, their baby-series of applications has 2.5 million downloads! Daddy should reduce the kids' crazy-bird and hungry-sharks :p

Video : Kids with iPhone

For you lucky iphone and ipad users, do drop by and see what Baby Cortex can offer. (Android users have to wait a bit longer) .

Flash_Card and Alphabet_Car are highly recommended.

Are you interested to know more about what Baby Cortex has to offer?

** we would like to thanks Jennifer for offering our kids an opportunity to explore Baby Cortex's innovative games. Our kids certainly had fun learning !

*all the cute cartoons on this article are sourced from website.


  1. My 4 year old niece plays with my iphone all the time! I should get the apps for her right! hahaha...
    Kids nowadays are so IT savvy...

  2. @小心 - last time I play Atari, already very happening. Now kids even "choose" their own games !@@#~@


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