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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MacRitchie Tree Top Walk

One New Year's day, we woke up early and attempt to reach MacRitchie's Tree Top Walk.
We have heard a lot about this suspension Bridge, where you can get real close to flora and fauna.

From Venus carpark, follow the Orange route..

Video : Obstacles and route

Some little obstacles to challenge the boys

Video : Smile for Daddy, why no one smiling?

No matter where you go (in Singapore), you are never far from road-signs and cars :p

Ants making themselves busy, and Kang raining on them :p

Hello beautiful, we spotted this brave lizard staring at us. So Near, so green!

We love the greenery and little streams (filled with guppies too !)

Daddy like this Paris-countryside lookalike corridor, so serene !

It is a holiday, but families were seen jostling up and down MacRitchie's tracks.
We pass by the reservoir facility plant.

Ranger station. Toilet and water break, before we climb the bridge. do they need a card-punching (similar to the factories) system here? in the wild haha

Can we ride the dirt bikes? .. and you have been warned about wild and fierce primates !

..Daddy spotted a pollinating bee

..last 100m, all 30degrees upslope..

..we did not come so far to U-turn. Take note of timing, as you might need 1 hour plus (after bridge) to trek back, before sky darkens.

After 90 mins, Self pose. We made it, the trekking was tiring, but we felt a sense of achievement.
Top of the world feeling !

Video : Finally, Tree Top Walk

Kang is a wee bit apprehensive, as the bridge can swing, and it can be windy :)
Notice how narrow is the walk way, this is why there is only one Entrance and one Exit (otherwise Jam!)

Time to head back, we can afford to slow down now

..but these steps are never-ending !!
Poor Kang was really struggling.

Video : Nope, we did not trigger Alarm !!

Another rest point, recharge with 100 plus.

Anybody hitch-hiking? We were dreaming whether that Carrera will stop to ferry us keke

Along the trails, you will notice a lot of educational materials.
Daddy can teach the boys about the bees and the butterflies.

..just follow the "exit" sign..

We finally reach our carpark after 3 hours (from 0900 to 1200).
Even Daddy confess this is a challenging morning for us.

- Drink a lot of water
- a pair of walking shoe if a must, no slippers please, as some slope are slippery
- stay on the designated track and follow directions
- stay away from the monkies, and do NOT feed them !
- lastly, we do not recommend toddlers or even strollers. This trek is cross-country.



  1. wow i day out wif family..u all very took the effort to have fun with ur family :)

  2. hello friend, trekking tiring but fun :)

  3. lovely place. amazing that the whole family is at it :)

  4. nope Papabear, only me + 2 bigger boys. If whole family go, I need 6 hours to finish !


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