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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nikon D5000 long exposure at Boat Quay

One evening, Daddy took time off with friend and went photo shooting at Boat Quay.

Test shot.

After setting up, with F18, 30s and iso100. (The first photo is exposed to 60s)

Trying to capture more reflections off Singapore River, but our angle was too low. Maybe, results would be different if we setup tripod on the bridge. If you want a wider picture, be prepared to spend $$$ for a wide-angle lens.

New cameras (not only DSLR) are very sophisticated, and long-exposures (manual setting shutter speed above 10 seconds ) are easily available. Bring your tripod along on your next field trip, and have fun with your camera experimentation !

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ps.. Guys, please remember to apply for off-pass from your Mrs first. The next time she goes shopping, we zip our mouths shut. Give and take :p



  1. eee why singapore has so many quays like this? awesome scenery which i can't see in msia

  2. Thanks for sharing! Simple & easy to follow instructions for a beginner like me :)

  3. hi Cheries, happy for you, and enjoy more night shots :)

  4. haha Fish, Singapore got Quays and gardens, but we love the numerous seaside and highlands resorts in Malaysia haha :)


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