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Monday, January 3, 2011

Maternity Exchange (MX) - rent your Maternity oufits

When Mummy was pregnant, her maternity outfits were plain and comfortable, not sexy and chic. Mummy is not particular about her maternity dress-sense . Comfort was everything, and a simple design could see her through nine months :)

Daddy is more conservative, when it comes to fashion-sense, and could not relate Maternity dress (and a bulging tummy) with "sexy", "chic" or "stylish".

That is, until Daddy is introduced to Maternity Exchange (MX).
Besides offering a whole range of Maternity apparel, accessories, swimwear and lingerie, MX even allow customers to rent Maternity dresses!

To quote from MX's website :
"You don't have to be a slave to bad maternity fashion, or spend like a queen to dress stylishly during your pregnancy. Maternity Exchange™ is a new retail concept which offers mums-to-be the option of buying or renting from our extensive wardrobe of maternity and nursing wear."

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Before you jump to any conclusion, we are not expecting Baby No 5 haha.
This article is an advertorial for Maternity Exchange (MX).
Daddy is excited about what MX is offering, and would like to share more with our readers and friends.

MX has an interesting business model, we can rent MX 's maternity wear.
Read more here -->

- not necessary to invest in a nice outfit, which will only last a few months
- the rental packages allows Mummies to mix and match from a wide selection
- if you like the rented outfit, you can opt to buy it too
- or you be might be tempted to buy that sexy denim (Yes! Being Pregnant does not mean no-no to jeans)
- MX's wardrobe are renewed every three weeks with new apparels
- Imagine, a new dress every day of your pregnancy !

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Sometimes, guys might be ignorant about our wives' needs.
We might be clueless about buying pads (not the Apple iPad), or "Victoria's Secret" for our woman, but we can at least boast about Maternity wear rental :p

We can now proudly sweet-talk our beau that Maternity dresses can be chic, sensuous and sexy. If we are expecting baby No5, Daddy will definitely give MX a ring :)

More information :

MX is contactable online via Facebook -->

Maternity Exchange™ :
6, Raffles Boulevard
#03-108, Marina Square.
Tel: (65) 6100-EXCH (6100-3924)

MX is opened daily from
1130am to 9pm (Sun to Thurs)
1130am to 930pm (Fri & Sat)

All apparel pictures are downloaded from
or MX Facebook page.

The clothes showcased here, might not be available for rental.
Please check with MX's Marina store.


  1. Very stylish indeed. Pregnant women can look chic and sexy...

    Have a happy new year, wish you all the best :)

  2. thanks for visiting Lina, and guys should pamper their wives :)

  3. wow.first time i saw smt like this.we can rent these also WOW

  4. yes Renae, I like MX's concept :)


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