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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clarke Quay Night exposure with Nikon D5000

Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Singapore River's bank was once lined with bumboats and warehouses. Today, this Quays are R&B hives for pubs, dining and entertainment.

When night falls, the beautiful lights bask onto Singapore River.

Daddy like the fast moving clouds. The silky water is always so colourful but calm.

Mummy has given Daddy time off to induldge in his hobby today :)

I love picture No4. What about you?

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- Marina Bay @night
- ClarkeQuay @night
- Museum @night
- Boat Quay @night



  1. lovely long exposure shots :)

    i like no. 4 and the 2nd last one :P

  2. those are lovely shots. you are a pro! was a tripod used for all the shots?

  3. i like your picture. using wat lens?

  4. thaks folks :)
    @XinYun - if u not catching crawlies, go Boat/Clarke quay keke
    @papa - tripod is a must (anybody with dslr+tripod can do this keke)
    @ST - my humble kit 18-55 (if u got wide lens, perfect!)

  5. NICE!
    I like #1 and #3.
    esp the reflection on the water

  6. hi Kole, me too. It was 50/50 compose between reflections and the awesome-clouds keke


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