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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happee Day 31Oct - Sunshine after the Rain

Last Sun, we attended "Happee Day" event at Hort Park. As you might recall, Mummy Daphne has organised this meaningful event to pull all kids together (a day of fun).

Balloons greets us when we reach Hort Park.

Our kids found entertainment with every object. The sofa, the pond, even the caddy.

Quick, Run, party has started.

Awesome! who did we find at Hort Park? Our super heroes has appear in droves to support Happee Day !

What makes Wen Wei believe he can outrun Flash??

Face painting for Wei and Kang. We are ArtyBody's first customers :p

After 10min, Batman's sidekicks roam the grounds. Cool.
(Daddy thought boys look like WWF's mini Ultimate warrior !)

Daddy could not convince Yi to face paint SpiderMan :0
..but he was delighted with Bubbles, with some help from a friendly lady :)

Video : Fun filled Outdoor activities ! (watch Flash hammer Pooh at 25s)

Bouncing Castle was hot. Children were queuing to climb, jump, and roll inside.
Tons of laughter in this Balloon Palace !

Video : Bouncing Fun

We found friendly Uncle Hendra with big camera, and gladly pose for him :)
.. this camera jie jie was always seen with the big Camera (must be heavy)

Kids kept themselves busy on the lawn.
(Yi was too slow to catch the ball keke, and he was so sad)

Video : Soccer on the Lawn

Many unsung heroes roam the lawn, to bring smiles and cheers to everybody.
Million thanks ! (poor Pooh Bear must be sweating buckets under the hot sun ! )

Even Mr Incredible Hulk could not resist Chilli Api's Nonya spread. Yummy !

When we need to cool down, we move indoor.
Karaok, Jam sessions, even boxing. Kids everywhere !

Video : Indoor booths and food

Sculptured balloons fill the auditorium.

Video : Wii !!

Cakes and brownies free flow. Yummy !
We like the chocolate brownie :)

We have fruit-punch parade to quench our thirst. Boys played under the water feature to cool down.

Daddy always nag at the kids, "must think positive", you must "look for the light(balloons) at the end of the tunnel". Refer to our first photo.

It was our honour and privilege to attend Happee Day ! We are glad everybody who came, had fun, even Mr Rain decides not to play spoil spot!

Kudos to Daphne and Kelvin for a well organized Event. Hooray !!

For more information, click below:
- Project Happee Day
- Read Daphne's Event summary - list of our sponsors and more photos


  1. Like the way you document your post! Great photos and videos of you kids enjoying. Can see such great effort there!
    Was at Happee day with my kids too, such an enjoyable event! But was pretty late hence looking at your blog made me realised we missed quite a bit!

  2. Thanks for visiting Tulip Mama. There were so many concurrent activities that nobody was sitting down haha. I think Daphne is hinting of more "Happee" days in the future :p


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