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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 6 Genting Cable cars

When u are in Genting, the cable cars are a must try. Period.
Although we have not try a night ride yet.
Read on to experience our jubilation.

This "Eatery" restaurant serves the best Chinese food Zhi(2) Cha(4) in Genting (top) !

Our dinner yesterday evening..

Ready, get set, D..r..o..p !!

Nice stroll in the clouds!! but Yi was a bit tense, keep holding on to Daddy's hand !

At some ridges, the cable cars seem to disappear into the clouds. Splendid !

Video : Going down

Mummy and our sweet princess

No playground, so kids improvise !

Video : Ready to go back up ?

Time to pack up and say bye bye to the Clouds.
Wei happily showing off his lottery tickets.

After checkout, we head down to the same row of restaurants at mid-hill again.

We found a cute Orange RidingHood helping herself to the goodies!

Sotong anyone?

This restaurant is famous among the celebrities

We spotted a few youthful stars, they must have visited years ago :p

Souvenirs kept her wallet busy, and kids happy with new clothes.

Video : driving home, but we must navigate the hills first!

Always lookout for Seremban and KLIA and you will not be lost.
Becareful, some GPS will recommend you to cut into KL city area, jams jams jams !

Genting Skyway Two way tickets is only RM10 per adult. Ironically we refuse to ride Sentosa Jewel boxes, costing SGD$24 two way! My family will have to fork out $100 for Cable ride from Keppel to Sentosa.

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  1. Genting's a nice weekend getaway for a family! I haven't been there in awhile

  2. In future, if you go to Genting. Go to their staff canteen to eat dinner. The zhi char and bak kut teh there is cheaper than the one sold at the main areas and in claypot. Serving size is good for families. Food is hot and fresh too. Ask around...I am sure someone will show you the way. =)

  3. hi : thanks for the tip :) good food !


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