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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sengkang West's own Floating Island and Wetland

Last Sun morning, Sengkang Riverside Park welcome it's Floating Island. A connecting bridge links two parcel of the garden, so people can walk, jog and cycle from one end (Anchorvale CC) to the other side.

On land, we have carnival, games, and food. We saw bouncing castle, train, and even a pirate's boat. We enjoyed row-rowing our little boats. (** these activities are only available during the opening ceremony)

Video : Water crafts

Little boy scouts line the walkway to welcome vips. Our vip is PM Lee and Dr Yaccob.

River activities fill the river, we have boats and more boats.

We saw hugh Orange and Mangosteen. And kids were busy climbing up and down the fruits.

Cross section of floating island, this is mini version.

This pair of lion dance came real close to us. When the drumming starts, Yi ran away from the din. He waited patiently behind the sculpture until the lion dance boat move away.

Video : Loud Lion dance

The landscape garden, with HDB flats in the backfground, provided another good spot for residents to relax. We can imagine ourselves popping by soon. Will definitely try to spot some tortoise or fishes in the marshes.

Video : Paranomic view

After a fun fill morning, we bid our new playground bye bye.

Have you visited the other part of Sengkang Riverside garden?
-- Stones :
-- Fish feeding :
-- opening of Floating island :

Updated 13Apr2011
-- Lorong Halus Wetlands :


  1. Where is the carnival games located? I went to the floating wetland but can't find it.

  2. Sorry BeautyTips, it was a opening ceremony, so a lot of fan-fare and carnival, but on that day only. Sorry to disappoint you and family.


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