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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 2 Sunway Lagoon

This bridge is Sunway's icon.

We will be visiting the water themepark today, and Daddy promise a lot of surprises.

First, some photos for our babies

Why are they not drinking milk in the morning :p

We cannot wait for our tickets !!!

Video : Look at the cool "pool" with waves

Happy kids, happy parents

Video : Swimming with us is FUN !

Video : Look around! only happy faces !

Too many slides and pools

Video : slilding non stop

Anybody want to navigate the boats?

After our wet sting, we headed for Sunway Lagoon's small zoo.

We still love this tram, even thought this is not our first visit !

Daddy say some of the rides are too challenging for kids. We believe him

While we go and climb the swaying bridge, Mummy accommodate the younger ones.

Nobody is afraid, until people start jumping ! We can see through the bridge to below.

Video : the iconic suspension bridge (u can bungee and flying-fox too)

Dinner at Sakae. Kids just love Sakae.

More entertainment follows us after dinner.

Video: same ride in 2008?

Look at the directory, Pyramid is Hugh !!

We had no problems getting the kids to sleep in the evening, all were tired out!

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  1. The pictures of the bridge are impressive!! But I suffer from vertigo.

  2. thanks for visiting Frances :)
    This bridge swings quite vigorously, stay away haha.


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