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Friday, November 19, 2010

Double Decker Bus 161, journey is more FUN than the destination

One Lazy Sat, we decide to ride a bus (not any bus, but a double decker) to Woodlands. The wheels on the bug go round & round..we know our kids love public transport (be it Bus or Train).

We hop onto bus 161 which will bring us from Sengkang to Causeway Point.
Front seating for us, you cannot get a better view anywhere else :)

Look look Kids exclaimed :"The motorbike so small", "we are going to bang into the overhead bridge !!"
Video : Thrilled. Period.
Do you like to take car or bus?
Daddy think we can get the answer from boys' facial expression.

Even Mummy is happy when the kids enjoyed themselves so much.
A humble bus ride, but the kids kept on yaking non stop!

Destination Woodlands. Causeway point is one of the bigger shopping malls (if not biggest) up north. Our pit stop.

Seems like some renovation were ongoing, we brought kids to their kiddy rides. Daddy ask Yi whether he like bigger Bus or Kiddy rides? No response.

When this two get together, they always produce laughter or sparks!
Wen Xin mei mei pulling her bro's hair, "my Turn ! my Turn !".

Quick lunch at McDonald. Kids got to indulge in fries again (not really healthy)
Halfway through munching, someone fell asleep zzz

Return trip, we chose the back row, for another experience.

Video : even Xin got cheeky on the us ride, singing her own lullaby.

From the rear window, boys watch other cars overtake our bus.
They are in High spirits !

Video : Do not take any bus, go for a double decker, climb to the top..
and aim for the front row !

We adults always take bus rides for granted. Bring your kids along.
The destination does not matter, the journey+fun will be well worth the trip !

Oh, and if you need more adventure, take a train to Johor :p



  1. It is great to see things from the top of the world on board the double decker bus. Sometimes, simple things in life can bring much more enjoyment.

    My boys have been too comfy in cars that they have lost touch with public transport. It is a good idea for parents to expose our kids to a different way of living sometimes for that whole new experience in life.

  2. Yes Denesa, we adults need to see the world in kids' eyes. Then everyday things/sights/objects can be an interesting point-of-interest.

  3. Oh Andy your last resort is my daily life!!! My girls love the bus and of course sitting right in front on a double decker is a must! And kneeling at the window of trains is absolutely necessary :) glad to read of this fun family experience

    1. haha Adora, glad to find someone else who appreciates the "elevated" view.
      To the kids, evry ride on the bus, train is an adventure :)

      cheers, andy


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