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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tampines Fire Station open house

Every Sat from 9 to 11am, Fire stations across Singapore is open to the public (except Jurong Island). We chose Tampines today, as we thought it might be less crowded.

In case you are interested, click to view our experiences at Central and Sengkang branches. This is also Wen Xin's first visit to a firehouse.

We arrive early, Tampines also housed HQ for 2nd CD.
Uncle Rizal is our guide for today. He patiently impart his firefighting skills to us.

I am a full time kid, part time driver ! Wen Yi can be bus driver if SCDF rejects him.

Video: as if this is Yi's playground?

We climb up and down the vehicles. Oh, the helmet is HEAVY for our small head !

We would love to ride the bike around, if we can just slot in $1 coin :p

Walkie Talkie : Hello MCdelivery, Happy Meal please !

Video : Hello Hello, can you hear me?

Our fire fighters make it look simple, sliding down the pole.

We are vertically challenged. Daddy say there is one type of dance called pole-dance.
Kids start wondering :you mean people swing like monkeys around the pole?

Where are you exploring, Xin? This is not your house.

Heavy equipment for rescue. Uncle Rizal introduce us to the vehicles too.

We took a peep into Control Room (watch room).
Can we play computer game inside?

Video : We sent out one ambulance :p

Water pump and pool.. not for swimming.

Who turn on the tap? We had FUN splashing water everywhere!!

Video : You splash

Video : we splash !

Back home, Daddy fix up our souvenirs.
Now Sengkangbabies are little fireman and firewoman.

Visit other fire stations :
--> Central (next to Funan), got a museum.



  1. u all are such great parents!
    U really spend quality timw with your children and expose them to so many different things... Im sure they will grow up to be great people! :)

  2. @Fang : thank you, kids get to play fireman.

    @Xin : wah, u thinking too far hehe. But thanks for the encouragement :)


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