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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 3 Sunway Lagoon - pool

Day 3, after breakfast, we walk around the swimming pool again.
Someone cannot wait to jump inside!

Sightseeing, we spotted penguins, seagulls, even waterfall !

When it is time to have Fun, leave it to the kids.
Parents just have to keep everybody in-sight!

Video : Pool fun !

Video : Underwater, or jumping into water? No Prob!

Video : Daddy give boys a ride

Video : look at Sunway's x'mas decorations

Lunch time at A&W. Daddy missed his root-float and coney
(A&W already retired in Singapore )

Walking around Pyramid Sunway, this shopping complex is Mammoth!
The iconic Egyptian Sphinx.

Before Dinner, our families photo taking time.

You can feel X'mas is around the corner.

Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. We love the seafood platter. The juicy oyster...yummy. Restaurant was crowded, but service is prompt and courteous.

We bring the kids to their Toys section, but casually remind them we "forgot" to bring wallets out :p (Somehow, Mummy and Daddy suspect the kids are smart enough to call our bluff)

So, the next best option is Arcade time (again).
We went round the Safari rides.

Group 2 went for Helicopter spin. Jolie co-pilot with Wen Kang.
All Apaches landed safely.

Shout, if you are happy !

Round 2 of Safari again.
Everybody had fun..
..maybe except poor Wen Xin.
She is too small to try the rides, unless acccompied by adult

Dessert is old fritters. Quite oily, but it goes well with the soya milk.
After Day 2 and 3 of activities, we (adults not kids) are already tired out.

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