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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sentosa Flowers 2011 圣淘沙春节花会

Every Chinese Lunar New Year, Sentosa will host some Flower exhibitions.
This year, we can reach Sentosa Flowers via a new Boardwalk which leads you from Vivocity to Sentosa. Exhibiton will last till 13Feb (from 10am to 10pm)

Alighting at Vivocity, we took a slow 15min stroll to Sentosa.
Flowers and lush landscaping don the new bridge. If you are tired, travellators will move you along under cool shelter.

We spent most of our time at Festive Walk, which was dotted with the 12 Zodiac animals. Beautiful !! and we quickly sort out our own animals.

Who can resist taking a few family portraits? Everybody were having fun, good Mood!

Tea Break, Kang and Xin posing next to mini fountain.

One more picture with Merlion in the background.
Nobody say "cheese", instead we shout "Huat ah" !! (joking)

Luckily, it was still not so crowded. Sentosa Flowers opens at 10am daily.

Ok, who want to touch the rabbits and get lucky?

Daddy love this colourful palette on the roof. The shadows which are casted on the ground are equally amazing.

It might be better to visit on a weekday, as people keep blocking or walking into your photo frame haha.

The next day, Daddy and Mummy sneak back to Sentosa for our second Flower tour. Sneak, because the kids refuse to let Mummy Daddy have some couple-time, so we pack them to school first :p

Holding hands and walking by ourselves, we have all the time to smell and pose with the flower exhibits keke.

A Big rabbit heart for Mummy and Daddy, since Valentine is around the corner.
Nobody will complain (or be jealous) when Mummy Daddy wants to be romantic.

We met out Sengkang neighbours and blogger
Phoebe (http://bpdgtravels.blogspot.com/2011/02/sentosa-flowers-2011.html).
She was there with her family. Denver and Gladys happily penning their best wishes.

Till next year, we shall come back to wish you a "Happy Chinese New Year" again.

In the mood for Love (kiss)

After going through the flowers, do summit your beautiful photos here --> http://flowers.sentosa.com.sg/magic-moments-gallery.asp

You might notice someone familiar in the gallery --> Enjoy Leonny's Flower post http://www.oureverydaythings.com/2011/02/checking-out-sentosa-flowers-on-chinese-new-year/

**updated 2012Jan - Our 2012 Flower post is up



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