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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our kids can cook - Coriander Leaf

Would you believe our kids can cook, wearing those tall Chef's hat and apron? Daddy would be rich just advertising their culinary skills :p
(we will only be talking about food in this post)

Daddy wants to share a corporate cooking and bonding course. We have heard of team building activities like trekking, treasure hunting, dance and pop, but cooking?

Hey, how many guys have even peeled an onion before, let alone cook.
And now we are expected to group together, thrown some instructions+ingredients, and cook or sink in the kitchen? Is this Hell's Kitchen?

Somehow, teamwork + extra coaching from the chefs, managed to pull us through. We got great cuisines to prove that we really slog and had fun in between the oven and the pan!

Now, how do you prove your food looks and taste nice?
You eat it, and your competitor's portion too. Nobody fell sick, that speaks volume of our effort. For more coporate bonding queries,
please get in touch with --> http://www.corianderleaf.com

The hats are a souvenir which Daddy collected.
Till today, our kids can only steam some fish. Wen Xin can prepare imaginary milo for you too !

Since there is one more day to end of Chinese Lunar New Year, we thought you might be interested to see our kids mess up their Loh-Hei :p

Video : Messy but 100% fun !

Wen Kang is one cool chef, when can he enrol with Shatec?


  1. very interesting program. have you watched the Junior Masterchef Australia? Those kids are amazing!

  2. hi papabear, we are lousy cooks, so not sure whether cooking-programmes will appeal to us keke

  3. I thought I would never watch any cooking programs but nowadays they have lots of those reality cooking shows... they are awesome haha :)


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