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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Golden Village GV family friendly cinemas

Before we become parents, movies was one of our dating options. We can always catch the midnight show, go for supper before walking home.

That was then. Now parents would know how challenging it is to bring your toddlers to a movie.

- Is our child really expected to sit quietly for the next 2 hours.
- Parents might be embarrassed if our kids make too much din during screening and disturb other patrons.
- Are we really going to enjoy a family movie screening?

SPRG is promoting Golden Village's "Mum and Babies" pro-family package. It allows parents to bring their kids to a screen, and Daddy quote from GV website:

"WARNING: Screenings will be held in a conducive environment. Babies crying and running toddlers are to be expected."

How cool is this !
There is even a mini pantry area, where you can make milk or change diapers, with complimentary wet wipes.

Is this for real? (Adult $6, children under 90cm free)
In case anybody is interested, please drop by "GV Plaza or GV Grand" for their screening from now till May.
~~~ ~~~
01 Mar
Gulliver's travel
12 April – How to train a dragon
26 April – Did you hear about the Morgans?
10 May – Toy story 3
24 May – Dear John

~~~ ~~~

Daddy will be accompanying two boys for Gulliver's Travel next Tue.
We do not intend to use GV's pantry service, but no harm experimenting another type of movie setting.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank SPRG's Adlena for informing us about GV's pro-family cinemas. Now, there is another place to visit with the toddlers!

#update 08Mar - read our Gulliver Travel experience @GV


  1. great info! but too bad my kids all above 90cm...
    Usually we go Cathay for the Moms & Tots package :)
    IF we go weekdays, Gladys' ticket is free! Plus i find their combo cheaper. hahaha


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