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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Great Great World Amusement Park 大世界 @ Sengkang

Not the Great Great World(大世界) movie, or the old old Gayworld at Zion.
Back in those days, Gay was not "homosexual" but simply means "Joy". Sengkang Central open space hosted Uncle Ringo's Amusement park.

Mummy brought the boys out for some bonding happy hours. Daddy stayed home to look after little sleeping beauty.

One token $3, Two tokens $6. Most rides need two tokens. Multiply by three boys.
Ouch! This is not Cheap Cheap world !

Mummy has to ration her wallet keke, and boys really have to make some tough choices. Good opportunity to remind them Mummy and Daddy do not own a bank.

A lot of activities keep kids and adults entertained.

Daddy and his photography again.

We just saw from our friends photos River Hong Bao is also same $standard.
Guess the economy must be really booming. Daddy miss his $0.50 rides!

Need more information about Great Great World --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_World_Amusement_Park


  1. Hi, is this still on? and where is it? (:

  2. hi, this uncle Ringo is at open-space next to CompassPoint (Sengkang) and KopiTiam.


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