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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sengkangbabies got cute Rabbits for loan :p

2011 is Year of the Rabbit, and Singapore Zoo got some some hugh Fleming rabbits to bring you prosperity! 10Kg bunny, as heavy as our Wen Xin.

By the way, did you know Sengkangbabies got two cute bunnies too.
Video : watch them hop hahaha!

Who need to have pets, when our babies are so sweet :p


  1. There's Flemish Giants in the zoo?? Permanently? I wanna go sayang them!!!

  2. hi Xiaoxin, I also not sure how long is exhibit.
    If you do not mind, go Malaysia http://bukittinggi.malaxi.com/rabbit_park.html

  3. My first pet was a rabbit. Like one of those (well i was four and it did look large that time). Had a nightmare of it that i still rmbed til today on the day it died T,T


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