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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year 2011 to everyone !

Huat Ah ! 发 means Prosper! May everyone have a peaceful and healthy 2011 !
Daddy got everybody to draw 2011 with their sparklers.
We had wanted to draw something auspicious, like 恭喜发财, but gave up haha.

Reunion dinner means family gathering, peace and harmony.

Video : Lo Hei! To health, to prosperity, to peace

House is decorated with the usual CNY stuffs. Rabbits are featured for 2011 :)

We might consider going to Sentosa Flowers, if the rain stops.

Meanwhile, we will be visiting relatives and friends over the next few days.
Wishing one and all Great Health, 身体健康, and a Happy Lunar New Year !

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