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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus - bloggers gather @ Sinema

Daddy and two boys went to Nuffnang's Glitterati blogger gathering.
Glitterati means your blog only carries Nuffnang advertisements.
So Glitterati + would means the most supportive Nuffnang bloggers.

This is Nuffnang Elections, not PAP. Read on to find out who are the No1 and 2 man/woman in Glitterati board :p

Event was held at Old School Sinema (an old institution off Sophia road)
Venue looks like an arty-funky arts house.

Guests are pampered with Nuffnang goodies bags, got AngPow (but no money). We got some previews of local film production, which were quite interesting.

Oh, did we tell you it was raining throughout?

Inside the theater, we were playing games, so that everybody can relax, and make new friends. Daddy must be one of the oldest bloggers, everybody now start blogging from 17 years old! ... Wei and Kang are the only kids around :p

Three famous bloggers tell us how they started :
- Esther (http://the-miracle-season.blogspot.com/)
- Benjamin (
- Qiu Ting (http://bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com/)

So, what and why should bloggers be interested to know more about Glitterati?
Four reasons are given, please visit G+ website for additional information.

We are curious about the relationships between advertisers, Nuffnang and bloggers.

Ok, now we know about Glitterati, we need to nominate the new executive committee. Our friend Hong Peng (HP from http://hpility.blogspot.com/ ) is one of the nominee for post of President and Vice-President. No wonder he is running all over Singapore promoting movies, and Tiger beers keke :)

The 5 nominees. Some say they will bring you to Malaysia, others say they will bring you pubbing or shopping !

Drum rolls...... Kid got more interested in their games (voting is boring for them)

The new G+ President is HP. Congrats !

Next up, Guest speaker Dr Leslie Tay sharing his blogging insights.
He is very passionate about hawker food, and is a Char Kway Teow crusader !
Did you know his Kway Teow book is ST top 10 bestseller?
Read --> http://ieatishootipost.sg/2011/01/end-of-char-kway-teow-debuts-on-st.html

After hearing his speech, you would be tempted to woof down one
Char Kway Teow (with extra hum and pork-lard) asap.

We met a few virtual friends, and now buddies ! Wei and Kang taking photo with HP :
- Hong Peng (http://hpility.blogspot.com/ )
- Valerie (
http://paradiseger.blogspot.com/ )
- Hui Ting (http://lovelivfe.com/ )

Do you like blogging, and do not mind attending events? Maybe extra publicity, or even rub-shoulders with your idols? Daddy know most people would not mind having extra pocket money (from advertising). So why are you still hesitating, signup as a Nuffnang Glitterati Plus member Today!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
For Nuffnangers who are interested in joining our Glitterati Plus, but could not make it for the event, you can send the following details to gplussg@nuffnang.com :

Contact No.:
Blog URL:
Twitter Username (if any):

* You have to be an active blogger who updates your blog frequently.
* You have to be loyal and exclusive to Nuffnang (of Glitterati membership) -> link to http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/exclusive-program/
* You must love to meet new friends, and love attending events.

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