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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daddy's big day

In our home, adult birthdays are always low profile. Kids birthday always seem more fun and happening!

Last Sunday, Mummy bought Daddy a Big cake :p

Kids must work to earn their cake, let's smile, pose and sing !

Video : Wait, they have to sing sing too..

We discover Wen Xin got a hidden talent, she can extinguish flame with her fingers. Ouch !

Cake small, but everybody still happy. Daddy one more year older and nearer to big 4 :)

On Monday, the couple went for lunch at Chilis Sentosa. In case you miss our updates, we pack kids to school before running to Sentosa Flowers for a date.

We ordered "Triple Play", the buffao is extremely sour for us, but Daddy like the EggRoll (which got a mild scent of Indian masala)

Funky decoration, we love the mosaic table top.

Mummy order half rack of Yummy baby ribs.

After our lunch, we went for a second round of Flowers.
Happy Valentine's day to Mummy :)


  1. Nice birthday celebration with family. By the way Happy belated birthday to Uncle Andy ~ =)

  2. lol the birthday video is so cuteee!

  3. thanks all for your best wishes :)
    @xcb : that is the way they sing b'day songs in school :)


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