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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When children fall sick, how does Daddy cope

When children are sick, they tend to get closer to Mummy, and they cry easily. Daddy got a few tricks to share, on how to comfort the kids.

Crying is very common, when kids do not know how to express themselves.
Example when they wake up, Xin will be searching up and down for Mummy (who is working).

1) Daddy has to collaborate and help her open up all doors and cabinets, until Xin is convinced Mummy is not at home.

2) Sometimes, a sweet or two can help toddler to settle down.
Lullaby, cartoons, drawing, we need to pull out all the stops to distract her.

3) If all fails, the age old scary-monger kar-kar (monster in closet) trick always works.
4) If your kid is one of a kind, last option is to bring her outdoors for some fresh air :)

So you see, taking care of kids is not so difficult, we just need a Ton of patience.
Video : Teaching Xin how to Share

When Kids have settle down (momentarily) , and are not screaming anymore.
Daddy can confidently sms Mummy "Victory"!
Sometimes Mummy will reply : Daddy has won the battle, but the War is far from over haha!

**note the above methods will fail miserably when two kids are crying together

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