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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Home" Kit Chan Music Video for Total Defence 2011

As part of Total Defence Day 15Feb, 39 local singers came together with SSO to sing "Home 家" . You might remember composer Dick Lee and singer Kit Chan first make the song famous.

There is a singer from every genre and generation, who is your favourite?
We have Kit, Tanya, 陈伟联, wow so many singers coming together !
Who is that Malay encik at 0.40, he sings with much gusto and passion ! (like Steve Tyler) The music video is so cool, and easily tucks at our heart strings.

Daddy got goose bump listening to "Home". Daddy used to sing this song during his growing up years, but to listen to it again, after we become parents ourselves, evoke a different sense of mood and emotion.
You appreciate what "Home 家" means, to have a family, and everybody living harmoniously under one roof.

On a bigger context, Singapore is our home, and is worth defending and fighting for. Is there going to be brighter future for the next generation? We can only try our best to raise our kids up, but they will hold the key to their own future.

Do you know that for every Music Video (MV)downloaded here --> http://www.thisishome.sg/mv.php , it will garner $1 to charity ComChest?
(Please be patient, as website is crawling now.)

The 6min MV (extended version) will also contain the "Making-of-Home" outages.
Go on, you can enjoy the MV, and be doing some charity too. It is that simple.
..because it's Home !

Above images are takens from --> http://www.thisishome.sg/

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