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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year feasting

Maybe this is the only period when we can feast without guilt?
Go ahead, you can have the 5th Bak Kwa, or the 10th Pineapple tart haha.

Nothing elaborate, we visited our relatives and friends, enjoy each other's hospitality. And SengkangBabies eat non stop at every house !

拜年 at 奶奶's place

Then we pop by Ah Ma and Ah Gong's house.

Our Ah Gou(1)

Dinner at our relative's, love the curry and noodles !

Meanwhile, kids mischief act up :)

Our doting Ah Yi(2) and Lau Kim(3)

Met our cousins on Day 2

More goodies to munch

Our kids got talent ! They can really BANG the keyboard !

Cousins photoshoot

On Cny Day 7, we 捞鱼生 (yusheng). Basically we toss the mixture (with raw fish slices) high and messy, and say some auspicious wordings, all for the sake of good luck, fortune, health :)

You might be interested to read the YuSheng thesis at Wiki :p

Kids had fun, and they love the crackers !

We hope you and your family had a great start to the Dragon year too !
For more photos, do pop by our Festive album :)

ps.. this is the First year Daddy pull his tripod along, and we are so glad so many relatives obliged with candid photos. Nice memories for the kids :)


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