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Monday, January 2, 2012

Woodlands Waterfront

Woodlands Waterfront will not be a stranger to those living in the North.
Playground is actually at Admiralty. Click for map.

The Jetty and Playground are popular with residents in the morning and evenings. But we would suggest to avoid the afternoons, we melted halfway across the Jetty :p

From the Jetty, you can even spot vehicles crossing the causeway. Malaysia's state of Johor is so near to us.

There is a large playground here to cater to kids of all ages. If you are adventurous, you can even climb onto the suspended bridge. We only spend 30 min here, but we will definitely be back again.

Meanwhile, we are suggesting that you drop by JBabiesDad's blog for more Waterfront footage :)

Click for more information about Woodland Waterfront Park.


  1. Yeah, saw this on Isaiah's blog... looks fab! :)

  2. yes Sandra, Isaiah is the resident blogger for WW :p


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