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Friday, April 2, 2010

Sembawang Splash !! Thumbs Up

We have heard a lot about this Splash playground, and we came early to book a spot.
At 1030, some kiddos were already sweating out, while waiting for the water.

Playground at Level 3, consists of two sections, Dry and Wet.

No prize for guessing which section is more popular hee hee

Video : When the water starts, all kiddos flood into Wet section of playground

Even Wen Xin mei mei got into some water play

Can you spot the mini rainbow in the water mist?

Video : The two bigger boys always left poor Yi alone :0

Everybody were wet, but smiling keke

Video : POW treatment for Ah Yi. No Escape. No Prisoners!!

We are tired, and hungry. After all the running and drenching.

Video : More sliding Fun. 1,2,3 Go Go go

Lunch at Aston. This western restaurant serves good food at reasonable prize.
We got two main dish and multiple finger/side dishes for only $25.

Daddy : Water sprouts only from 1100-1400, and 1700-2000.
So plan your timing accordingly to avoid disappointment.
Car park space is a BIG issue.

Need more water playgrounds?
Search our tags for "WetWetWet" and "Playgrounds".
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