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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sentosa Flowers 2012

On day 2 of CNY, we visited Sentosa's Flower festival. Starting from carpark, we realised a lot of people have decided to drop by RWS for their gambling kicks :p

Dragons feature at every corner.

Even dinosaurs are consider "dragons, as their Chinese name is 恐龙.

We did not follow any itinerary, we head to the less popular joints for our photos.

Some queues stretch to 20min, and we realised a lot of tourist request for multiple photoshoot ! One person, two person, whole family, then one person again! We should limit every group to maximum three photos.

Look at the crowd !

Some of the setup will be recycle for Valentine's.

Hot day, and kids miss their naps again, no wonder Yi is yawning. Only food and Fun will keep him awake.

The usual photo booths, ideal for family portraits (but you have to squeeze with others). Do take more photos and join Sentosa Flower contest.

It is a challenge to navigate through the crowd with our stroller, but somehow, we still manage to squeeze in opportunities for family portraits.
(if you need to mount that tripod, do be careful as some kids might trip your precious camera over !)

Before we head home, we decide to pop by Malaysian Food street for some snacks, but the queue put us off! Yes, we blogged about some delicious food earlier, but we are not going to enjoy more Queues :p

Of all the dragons at Sentosa, this is our favourite. Made of lanterns, Dragon looks very impressive.

If you are interested in Sentosa Flowers ,the last day is 29Jan.
We will recommend that you take the boardwalk, our carpark bill came up to $14 for 2 hours.

More Dragon photos are available from our Fanpage.
You might want to consider bringing your external flash, a lot of our photos were under-exposed under the hot sun.



  1. We were there and we parked at the Beach Station Carpark. Cheaper parking rate and we started the flower tour from the Merlion side. They have display there too:)

  2. hi Denesa, hope your family enjoy the flowers and crowd too :)
    We will stick to walking next round.



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