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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changi City Point

If you happen to be at Singapore Expo, you might want to checkout Changi City Point. We were there last week, to soak in some Fun at the rooftop.

As shopping mall is new, playground is still very clean and well maintained. Head to Level 3 "The 3 House".

We discover Boon Yee is a sharpshooter, and he will gun you down !

Cooling respite from the Sun.

In case your kids should be bored at the playground, occasional airplanes might attract their attention.

Let us show you how to have FUN ! There is also a Dry section at the playground, but the surface areas are scorching ouch.

Do drop by our Fanpage album for more Wet look ! Indoors, there is a Petite Park for young kids. You might want to pop by Mummy Susan's review.

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  1. Love this series of photographs esp how the photos captured the joy of your kids.

  2. thanks Kole, when kids are enjoying themselves, it is super easy to take candid shots :)

  3. I was stopped today 22th April 9.05pm by guards but i still see many cars parked near the pub, can you guys check?Was going into Changi City Point at 9.05pm.

  4. sorry Peter, maybe you are talking about different playground?


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