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Monday, June 20, 2011

Changi Airport Singkids, Hardrock, Sunflower, Butterfly

We are not sure which other airports offer so many activities for families, but would you believe we manage to linger at Changi Airport for 6 hours! Last Sat, together with three other families (Edmund, Daphne, Patrick), we were invited to tour Changi's latest activities.

We even got our own special Pass to access Changi's transit areas .. cool !
We started our Tour at T2 transit, no passports needed :p

First stop, FamilyZone. This cosy corner allows Mummies to nurse their babies, while the bigger kids can run at the playground, or watch some cartoons.

Mummies will always welcome some private moments for themselves.

For Daddies, maybe you can bring your boys to view some Sunflowers?

Kids will be treated to more aeroplanes up close.

If flowers do not interest you, maybe Movies and Lan-games?
Entertainment Deck should keep you and kids occupied, while waiting for that next transit flight. Cool xBox and PlayStation are available too !

What about Orchid Garden? This is like a mini-oasis within T2's metal facade.

Arts and craft for creative minds

..although some kids will always be different, and might try catwalk keke :)

Next stop, we hop onto SkyTrain and head for T3.
Pooh Bear greeted the kids as we went pass Cocoa Trees.

Butterflies and pupa, who would expect a Butterfly Aviary housed in an Airport?
Kids love the lifecycle of a butterfly, from caterpillar to pupa to butterfly.

If you are interested in more nature, Koi pond will keep the kids excited.
** note no swimming, fishing and feeding allowed **

A kind uncle supply fish-feed for the Kois. Daddy thought the Kois are hungry, just look at their gaping mouths !

Maybe Wei is hungry or tired, does he look like our Kart driver?
Wei decides to relax in front of a hugh Plasma Console.

We were treated to an early lunch at Hard Rock Cafe (HRC). Yes, we did not know T3 Transit got a Hardrock presence. As kids enjoy their lunch, they can watch the planes cruising on the runway.

Hainanese Pork chop for Daddy, Fish and Chips for kids. Wei and Kang only remembered their Haagan Dazs !

..the blogger parents did realized that the free-internet Terminals conveniently located outside HRC were a major distraction. For today's generation, Internet got a higher priority than meal time !!

**Changi even has a webpage to recommend your Transit options from duration of 2 to 5 hours! Swimming, Nature-trail, foot massage (by Osim or fish), too much to list down.
** A reminder, please remember to board your plane on time haha!

All you techies out there rejoice, free charging for your mobile devices.
No ipad charging yet, and do remember to lock your iphones!

"Let's Play" at T3. This is a mockup "Terminal 1 Control Tower" bouncing castle. We already see long queues when we arrive, and everybody were entitled to 8 mins playtime.

When you are having fun, time flies ! Look at the happy faces.
**Let's play will end on 26Jun2011, and you just need a same-day receipt to bring your kids in

After the running and sweating, our hosts brought us to a quiet corner for some arts and craft. "Kids' Painting Corner" is just next to the slide.

Kids can indulge in SandArt or GlassDeco. Wei and Kang pick Nemo and Bear for their projects.

All the kids were very focus in completing their masterpieces. If your kids love arts, this corner should let them cool down for 30min.

From our previous experiences, we know Changi Airport is hugh and offer expansive areas for kids to run about. Today, we really appreciate the Airport Map for unlocking so many hidden corners!

T3 slide again, we believe this is a must try whenever you are at T3.
Read our previous experience.
Sorry if you are on Transit, this slide is only available to the public area.

**The bigger slide is available for every $10 spent, and the smaller slide is free.
There was a small jam at our slide, try to see who is stuck :)

Kids arrive at Candy Empire. Candies buffet awaits them. They can select all-they-can-eat and tabao (bring home). It is like Kids living in their own sweet dreams !
Ironically, the Candy-Knight might have underestimated the kids attacking prowess :)

No wonder the kids are all smiling, they can play, eat, and have candies all in one day! The Mummies and Daddies are tired by now (almost 3pm), but there is one last playground.

Are you ready for Singkids !

We know SingKids must be very popular, as we arrive to a Full-house!
Let the kids show us how to play !

Our big hamsters

Giant balls, roller-racers, and all sorts of obstacles to swing, climb or simply jump around.
It does not matter, as long as you are having fun !

** SingKids is situated at T3 Basement 2 mall
- $18 for first hour, and $10 for second hours

Fortunately for Daddy, Mummy arrive and pick us up. Otherwise, Daddy suspect Wei and Kang can play until dinner time ! (we broke our Changi record by staying here for six solid hours !)

This plaque says it all, Changi aims to set a high benchmark for service, and Fun-factor.
If Daddy is stuck at Transit, or if you would like to spend a few hours at Changi (fully Air conditioned), read Changi's recommendation below.

- Join Changi Fanpage
- SengkangBabies like Changi Airport because...

Parking is cap at $2.50 for first three hours.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

SengkangBabies would like to take this opportunity to thanks Changi Airport Group's Melvin, Ivan, Yvonne and Joreen for hosting us last Sat. We would like to say a big "ThankYou" to our goodie-bags sponsors too (Cocoa tree, HardrockCafe, CandyEmpire, SingKids, Kids' Painting Corner) !


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