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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taiwan Day 8 - Mao Kong 貓空 cable car

After running through Taipei Zoo, we hop onto the Mao Kong (貓空) gondola to reach Mao Kong peak.

Mao Kong used to be a site for tea plantation. Tourists come up to enjoy tea-culture, and hiking. For us, the cable car ride itself was already a treat ! (Genting is still better as you can see the drifting clouds, and the Sheer Descend !)

Cable car will ride us up the hills, we can see green plantations all around us.

If it is too windy, we suspect little kids might be shaken by the "rocking".

Along the way, colourful animal cabins passes by :)

Fresh air awaits us at the top

We quickly settle down for late lunch at 1500, all are starving and tired by now.

Tuck in, but someone decided sleep is more important.

There is a "crystal" 水晶 cabin, and the base is made of glass. Daddy is not sure whether he anyone might encounter height phobia.

We took the normal cabin downhill, and Yi only woke up halfway (photo below is from MaoKong website)

Throughout our trip, we are very proud that Wei and Kang are able to keep pace with us, and even take care of younger siblings.

Video : Maokong sightings

If you are interested to find out more about MaoKong, do drop by their website.
Travelling from first to fourth station is only 50TWD, ie SGD $2.50!
(Wow, why is every Tourism ticket in Taiwan so affordable ??)

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More information and tips are available at Taiwan tourism web -->


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