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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taiwan Day 7 - Baby Boss

Wow ! Kids landing on the moon was Daddy's dream ! but our boys got to role play Astronauts at Taipei's famous career themepark Baby Boss (職業體驗城).

We have heard of Baby Boss from friends, and all gave high marks ! Imagine, 50 professions, and 70 different occupations !

All kids are equipped with their working pass. There are two working slots, either 1000 to 1500, (5 hours) or 1000 to 1800(8 hours !). Daddy thought 5 hours would be more than enough.

At Baby Boss, the concept is easy, you work to get a salary, then you can spend your hard-earned money at the souvenir shops haha.

Together with the map( BabyBoss website), and below job-advertisement (indicating duration, age, and schedule), we can plan our own job itinerary. As the number of jobs are overwhelming, we recommend that you plan and be selective, in order to intern at your Choice jobs. (Daddy was stressed as he has to try to accomodate everybody haha)

** do note that Parents cannot accompany their kids into their "offices", you can only view from the glass panel outside :p

A simple job summary, and the kids are ready to be interns!

#Job 1 - with this mini security force, your bank is safe. Look, there is even a vault in ANZ bank ! Our kids are all issued with bullet-proof vest, Baby Boss means business !

#Job 2 - Who is checking into EVA airline? No worries, our friendly steward will serve you well :p

Pilots were hughly popular, thus we can only opt for Stewards. Family members even got boarding-pass to go up the 747 and view your kids "serve" coffee, tea or juice keke.

#Job 3 - Fireman never fail to disappoint the kids, they get to play heroes and douse fires !

Our mini FireEngine drove us to the burning warehouse, where the kids quickly put their skills to use and fight the flame !

While we were job hunting, we manage to pose with some other interesting jobs :p
Did you see the jail cell ! We saw moving ambulance, police vans cool !!

Lunch was at the canteen, nuggets to reward the kids. Our kids were like amazing race, rushing from one station to another haha.

#Job 4 - Astronauts are cool. Wei and Kang and crew landed on the Moon !

Infact, we already decide to book a Nasa flight to tour Space+moon, when we saw the space- shuttle at the entrance ! Our voyager did not disappoint.

Since Yi did not wish to participate, Daddy can only take some candid shots of him. Boy will promise this and that but when the coordinators want him to join in, Yi will start to stress and refuse to join any activities. Daddy suspect if coordinator speaks in English, then Yi will show less resistance. (yup, Wen Yi is very uncomfortable in communicating in Mandarin )

#Job 5 - They work as waiter in a 5Star hotel. (Although Daddy thought being chambermaid would be more fun ).

There are 50 professions on level 6, and we did only 5 jobs over five hours :)

If we have more time, Daddy will definitely enrol kids for the marching continent (野战) ! You can participate as Soldier, Police, or Band members. It was so hilarious to hear the kids echo their commander's slogans or orders. March, Marching on :)

(we beg for the coordinator to lend us some guns for photo's sake, as we ran out of time)

Video : Our kids are working, and having Fun at the same time !!

Video : Do you want Kopi, Teh or Milo?

Even Wen Wei (8 years old) enjoys himself, but Daddy suspect elder kids might find BabyBoss childish :p

As the end of our job, kids are beaming when they receive their salary. What can we buy with our pay cheque?

If you are in Taipei with kids, we would highly recommend BabyBoss for a fun-fill day !

Baby Boss is at level 6 of Jing Hua (京華城). Our day 2 Taipei 101 can see this round building from the top of Taipei 101.

More pricing and information can be found at Baby Boss link, and their Fanpage.
You can view more BabyBoss photos at SengkangBabies fanpage too.

For kids ~~ 900TWD (about SGD $45)
Accompanying adults ~~ 500TWD ( around SGD $25)

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More information and tips are available at Taiwan tourism web -->



  1. Interesting place to visit in Taiwan! Can I know if you stay in Sengkang? Cos I stay there too and was wondering if you know there are any nearby playgroups for 18 month-old toddlers?

  2. hello Angela, we stay in Sengkang, thus our blog name :p (for playgroups, we do not have much exp, maybe this link will help ?)


  4. Haha! I love your Taiwan blog posts... I've heard from BabyBoss too! Looks super fun! Looks like it IS time to save up for a trip there! Haha!

  5. thanks San, hope it helps :)
    My Taiwan itinerary post is at No2 most-popular post, and still climbing keke, :)

  6. Halo... thanks so much for this itinerary... for the baby boss, are there many jobs for 4 years old?

    We are planning to go taiwan for Leefoo village & Babyboss.

    Eloise Sim

  7. hi Eloise, this link ( will show almost 70% jobs 3 years and above. When I was there, Baby Boss do not check foreigner's age. More importantly, u need to make sure your kids can understand basic Mandarin instructions :)

  8. Hi Andy, thank you so much for your reply. My boy can understand but refuse to speak.. so thinking of bringing him dere to play & get fun with mandarin environment... heehee... thanks again... Eloise Sim

  9. hi Eloise.. my third boy refuse to communicate in Mandarin, and when the friendly "teachers" in BB talk to him, he kept his head down( I bang head). He will pretend to join the class, then come out stressed after 10min.
    When another teacher talk to him in English, he immediately become chatty., how will your boy react when instructions are given in Mandarin, u might want to test it out in Singapore, to avoid any "disappointment" in BabyBoss. Good luck.

  10. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your advise.

    Oh, my boy can take simple instruction in mandarin, only that he will only communicate in english.. If he dun understand the instruction, he will just ask what is that chinese word in english... I think the teachers dere will be stress as he will keep asking them why why why... lol...

    Anyways, thanks for your advise again.

    Really appreciate your kind advise and time.

    Have a good day!

    Eloise Sim

  11. Thank you for visiting BabyBoss
    We are glad your kid have fun here: )

    Look forward to your visit again.
    If you have any questions, please welcome to contact us again
    Thank you

  12. Hi Hi,

    My girl is 7 so i think she is at a good age for this place. However my son is 12, do you think he will still enjoy it or its too kiddish?

  13. hi Ro Yee, I think 7 or 8years old might alreay find "jobs" childish. A 12 years old might feel weird with so many young kids running around :)


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