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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taiwan Day 3 - Nanya, Jiufen, Yeliu, YangMingShan

The first picture is a teahouse overlooking scenic coastline, flank by green Hills. Imagine savoring tea with your Darling (not the little ones, since they cannot sit still :p )

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Day 3 Itinerary - Nanya (南雅), Jiufen (九份), Yeliu (野柳), YangMingShan (陽明山)
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We mention before that Taiwan is surrounded by Mountains and Greens. This lovely environment apply to the living and the dead keke. Even the tombstones look so pretty.

First Stop - Nanya Rocks (東北角海岸-南雅)
Situated North East of Taiwan, this coastal rocks have been worn down by the elements. Waves and Wind have over centuries, make artwork out of cliffs.

Over here, we witnessed Nature's powerful forces at work.

Love the rocks with background cliffs in this area. We were warned that waves can be unpredictable during stormy weather !

On our way to Jiufen, we pass by the "Golden Waterfall".

Where is the "Gold" coming from?

Also known as "金山", it is actually a mining facility used by the Japaness during WW2.
It has since been abandoned, but we still see golden water trickling to the sea.

As our bus climb higher, we stop next to the water source.. a waterfall. The water seems to be Gold in colour under the sun.

Beautiful scenery along the climb, we need 30 min to get to the peak.

Second Stop - Jiufen (九份)

Why is it called Nine-portions (九份)? It started with nine families .. (one upon a time)
--> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiufen

You will be tempted to try all the food and snacks along the narrow corridors. Daddy fell in love with the rows of Red lanterns! Mesmerizing!

You get all sorts of souvenirs at every corners...

Did you know that a popular Japanese Manga "Spirited away" is based on Jiufen?

Poster from --> http://www.impawards.com

The stairways are another feature of Jiufen.

More food to tempt the tourists !

Ah Xin looks like a provision shop, but people were swamping and bulk purchasing everything !

You will not be able to finish everything, and it is more fun to share them with friends !

Chocolate souvenir shop, which is popular with the local students. Some cute and awesome gifts would touch your loved ones.

View from the peak, can you imagine how the mountain would look when enshroud by Mist?

Daddy was tempted to get some kungfu manual home !!

What goodies must you buy at Jiufen? Do google for 太陽餅(Sun biscuits, which is actually butter cookies) and 鳳梨酥 (pineapple tarts).

More cute souvenirs, you can even buy mini kongming-lanterns.

A photographer's dream..

Loves the sidewalks...

Lunch at a restaurant fronting the sea. Food is very original, it feels homely. Daddy like the humble long beans which was crunchy and fragrant.

The Guava drink was refreshing. Just the right juice to quench our thirst. As early Jun is near Summer, the temperature can reach 33 degrees in the day!

Ah-Mei TeaHouse has also been the premise for a Korean drama.

Police (snapshots for the boys)

This is the overview of Jiufen. If you follow the corridor of 九份老街, you will not be getting lost.

Third Stop - Ye2 Liu3 (野柳) Geopark

We all know there is a famous Queen here.

Like Nanya, this spot shows more weird stones and cliffs molded by the elements.

..and of course the deformed Queen head :p

The only thing different is the inviting "green moss" which are exposed during low tide. You would be tempted to walk barefooted along the green carpet.

In a bid to prevent the Queen's head from further deterioration, the authorities build a replica.

Last Stop - Yang2 Ming2 Shan3 (陽明山)

There are three famous hot spring sites in Taiwan, namely 陽明山 (Yang2 Ming2 Shan1),北投 Bei3Tou2, and 烏來 (Wu1 Lai2). Each offers different experience. We will be staying at 天籟 (Tian Lai) for the night. This resort is facing the mountain range, spectacular !

Sorry Daddy got no photos to share, but we were able to dip unlimited times into the hot springs. Some are really hot (up to 50 degrees ouch!), whereas some are cold. Imagine pampering yourself in hot spring during cooler weather.

Taiwanese believe that there are health benefits to soak yourself in hot springs, as our body toxic can be cleansed. But you are recommended to soak not more than 15min at any one go.
Sorry, we do not have any sexy swim photos here, but you can see the pool and spa facilities at TianLai link.

If you like to go full monte, there are "secluded" pools. Sorry same-gender only :p

Dinner comes with plenty of herbal tonic. Our body feels refreshed and recharged for the next day!

Random pic, ever wonder why Taiwan call toilets makeup room?

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  1. Did you join a tour group or it's a f&e trip? How did you cover so many places in one day?

  2. This is a group tour but you will notice tat most attractions are NorthEast :)
    My family joined me only on day 4.

  3. Hi Andy,
    Your blog has got my kids all zest up about visiting Taiwan. :o

    You mentioned joining a group tour. Which tour agent did you sign up with? And is it for the entire 9 days ('cos from your Day4 blog, it seems to me that you went f&e with your family friends)?
    Also, will you be blogging on the rest of your trip soon?

  4. hi, Day 1 to 3 is company trip, so everything on tour. Day 4 onwards F&E with family. We only have free-shuttle service from agency Polo. Very friendly drivers, but we did not engage tour-guides (so no comments). I am still squeezing time to blog, but my full 9-day pics is under my Facebook-Andy, and FanPage is still uploading Day 5 only... Let me know if you need more info.

  5. Hi, what do you mean by you have free shuttle service from agency Polo?

  6. hello, Polo is Namho's local Taiwan travel agency. So under itinerary, they will pick us from hotel<-->resort or vice versa.

  7. Hihi, nice phots. How do you engage the Polo agency services? Am planning similar trip in Dec'11. Thanks.

  8. hi, thanks for visiting, we got Polo through Namho. Not everybody say Polo is good :) (you might want to research more). Can I recommend you to visit TripAdvisor, there are a lot of discussions on reputable private-drivers/vans too.

  9. Andy:)Taiwan is FUN ^^ but do you know that you copied me by visiting all the places that I've went,and you made me cry?You are so bad >< Hahahah^^ Uncle Andy,dun be upset,I'm just joking!

    ~Zhang Zhi Xin,Aazen :)

  10. your blog is very helpful! im making itinerary for 5d/4n taiwan tour in january 2013.

  11. We love Taiwan, so it makes our "Story and adventures" easier :)

    Do pop by Taiwan trade-office fanpage for tons of awesome photos -->

  12. Hi, nice photos taken! may I know what camera did you used and the software that you used to edit photos? Thanks in advance:)

  13. hi, most camera can do likewise, once we understand it's functions and limitations.

    I am using Nikon D5000, and Picasa (for simple edit)

  14. Hi, love your blog! How did you travel during your trip to get to all of the destinations. I have a 5 and 3.5 year old.

    1. Hi Bonnie, in Taipei city, train+cab for us.

      The furthest we went is Taoyuan, but we got a return coach transfer under our free-easy package.


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