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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Peranakan Museum, Cooking Capers

As part of 2011 Museum Children's Season, SengkangBabies were invited to a cooking session at Perenakan Museum. Initially Wen Wei was apprehensive, as he associates cooking with being girly (one of those boys-must-be-macho stuffs)

This is our first visit, and we like the decorations. Beautiful contours adorn every corridor in the Museum !

Daddy was half-expecting to meet "小娘惹"' (little Nonya) and gang hiding in one corner. This Nonya drama got more people interested in everything Baba (Peranakan). (** Nonya pronounced as noah-nia)

Actually, we have some Baba blood in us, as Daddy's great grandpa was a baba from Indonesia. We adore spicy food and Daddy even enjoy eating Nasi Lemak with his hands !!

Daddy and Son goofing around in the museum, Wei likes to read and draw :)

..Love the colourful window panes !

All the kids gather at the lecture room and Barbara's introduction

Before we can cook, we should learn about the Baba culture, and some ingredients and utensils first :)

This giant pot is called "Kam Cheng", it means 感情 in Hokkien (ie in love ).

Kids need to mix and match today and yesterday's kitchen "appliances".

Kids were ushered back to their lecture room, True Blue Cuisine's chef Baba Benjamin will teach us how to cook today. Is your apron ready?

#Menu 1 - Lemon Grass juice (Lemongrass + Lime combine into a refreshing mocktail)

#Menu 2 - Cold Tofu (This dish is good, as Wei did not leave anything for Daddy ! )

Kids just love the chicken floss !

#Menu 3 - Kueh Ku (Kids had so much fun crafting their little red tortoise haha)

Please tell me my tortoise is cute :)

Wei is now a certified Baba little chef :0

More kueh treats from Bangawan Solo, yummy.

Our class ends the day with a little quiz, winners get to win Chef Ben's guide-to-Peranakan-culture"

Do you find Wei's new friend familiar? He is Ashton from CheekieMonkies :)

Thank you Chef Ben, and NHB (Peranakan Museum) for hosting us, we had an enjoyable morning.

Wei decides to draw a few more pictures...

If your kids like to cook and explore culture, they will love what Peranakan Museum has to offer :)

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the following for our Baba infusion :)
- Ain and Pauline from Phish
- Michelle from NHB
- Barbara from PeranakanMuseum

Video : Little chefs busy at work !

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